Frequently Asked Questions


What if I need to change or cancel my order?


My tracking information shows as delivered but I don't have the package. What should I do?

Can I have the tracking number?

I don't see any tracking info for my order. Has it been shipped?

Can i know the estimated shipping day of my order just placed?


My robot is broken, what can I do?

Is there any way I can get quick technical support to solve my problem?

Why my robot can not even turn on?

How to clean the sensors?

How do I stop the R550/ robot vacuum from going onto the carpet when it is mopping?

How long does a Coredy R300 robot takes to charge? Also for R650 and R750.

I set the cleaning schedule and it worked for two days, but why it didn't work after I set another time?

Are the 1st and 2nd generation dustbins interchangeable on R500+?

Why can't my robot cleaner pick up things on the carpet?

Can I put the boundary tape under the edge of shag rug to keep it off?

How do I cancel the scheduled cleaning?

I bought R3500s and it didn't work. Do you have any advice?

Do you provide after-sales sevice for R3500?


What is your return policy?

What is your warranty policy?

Will you refund my return shipping cost?


Where can I see the points I've accumulated?