left side wheel

  • left side wheel

left side wheel

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    Covers non-consumable parts and labor for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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Left side wheel.

Please do not purchase this item unless you are requested. 

If you need a new side wheel, please contact us first. 

Contact Information:
United States: +1-800-999-8470
(PST) Mon-Sun 06:00-24:00
United Kingdom:+44-808-134-9909
(GMT) Mon-Sun 14:00-08:00
Or send email to support@coredytech.com


Sucks up dirt and dust with strong suction for a spotless clean you can see and feel.

Low Noise

Advanced brushless motor significantly reduces vacuuming noise.


27-degree side brushes stick in wall edges, sweep debris along with walls and corners.