Magnification Microscope for Kids with Seven-Color Intelligent Dyeing Lamp

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Style: Education Set
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Comes with a 10x-400x adjustable HD magnification, ensures accurate, sharp detail is provided for observation. Adjusted the magnification as you needed.
APP Screen Imaging: Subvert the imaging display of traditional microscope. Large screen liberates your eyes without strain on them, you can also save the observed microscopic images in a mobile phone album.
2-in-1 Portable Design. The handheld microscope is made of a sweat-resistant, non-slip ABS material and weighs as small as 100 grams, making it more ideal for children to hold and carry in their hands.
The base of the microscope is equipped with seven intelligent dyeing lamps that can be arbitrarily adjusted to observe transparent objects without dyeing liquid.
M1 Coin magnifier is compatible with mobile phone / PAD/ PC / rear projection screen.

Explore more usage scenarios

Microbiology Experiments

Biology Learning

Circuit Board Inspection

Outdoor Discovery

Portable Set Pack List

Microscope Tube x 1

Microscope Base x 1

Manual x 1

Practical Set Pack List

Microscope Tube x1 * Microscope Base x1 * Magnetic Specimen Holder x2 * Blank slides and cover slides x5 * Biologic Section Specimen x5 * Charging cable x1 * Manual x1

Education Set Pack List

Microscope Tube x1 * Microscope Base x1 * Magnetic Specimen Holder x2 * Observation Record Book x1 * Microscope Science Book x1 * Collection Bottle (30ml) x1

Collection Bottle (60ml) x1 * Collection Bottle (80ml) x1 * Petri Dish x2 * Prepared Specimen x10 * Blank Slide x10 * Specimen Collection Box x1

Dropper x1 * Tweezers x1 * Calibration Card x1 * Charging Cable x1 * Manual x1

frequently asked questions

Can I use the microscope alone without using the App?

No, you must connect the App to use it. This is an optimized design for the protection of children's eyesight.

Can I observe without making slides?

Yes, you can observe without making slides.

Are you able to put rocks and stuff like that under this microscope or just the slides?

Yes, whether it is a physical object or a slide, it can be viewed.​

Will the slides I made work in this microscope?

Yes, this is a microscope I can find that children can use. You can even use it to view the computer motherboard.

Lens built-in light source? fill the light well?

Yes, the lens part of the built-in light, and do not have to worry about darkness unable to view.