The creation of Coredy began with a desire to help make life convenient, meaningful, and more enjoyable.
For years, our founder Celia had led a jaded life. She had a demanding corporate job, working for someone else, and the only bright spots were cuddling with her cute cat. Though, to be completely honest, she wasn’t prepared for the dirt and fur that her apartment would accumulate as a result.
Desperate for ways to improve her day-to-day and sense of self, she yearned for some source of fulfillment. And in 2011, she finally found it: the Robot vacuum cleaner. She was inspired by this innovative device and its ability to navigate tight spaces and efficiently vacuum everything (yes, including cat hair). She was also delighted to find out how much it improved her well-being. Powering it on felt like creating a fresh start, and she treated it as such, galvanizing her to take a risk and launch her own business.
Leveraging her background in vacuum design and manufacturing, she assembled a team of experts who shared her commitment to quality and improvement. This marked the start of Coredy.
  • About Coredy

Founded in 2011, Coredy is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions that make a positive impact on your day-to-day.

Everyday Products for Everyday Life

What started with vacuums eventually expanded into so much more. Our catalog includes a wide range of products, all designed to make daily life easier and more enjoyable, so you can spend more time doing what you love. From litter boxes and item locators to smart microscopes and telescopes, Coredy products encourage discovery and delight at every opportunity.

A Careful, Comprehensive Process

We’re honored to earn a place in your routine; it’s not a responsibility we take lightly. When developing all our products, we conduct extensive research and perform countless tests to yield the best results.

Our mission is to create products that are a pleasure to interact with, featuring user-friendly applications, aesthetic designs, and durable construction. So, whether you’re performing regular household chores, trying your hand at a new hobby, or caring for a pet, these items guarantee immeasurable value for everyone.

A Trusted Team

Throughout our journey, we navigated numerous obstacles, including a global pandemic, forcing us to handle a significant increase in business from home. However, despite the hardships, we persevered. Today, Coredy is stronger than ever, thanks to our dedicated community.

The Coredy team is composed of industry professionals who are passionate about providing a smooth customer experience and high-quality items that enrich lives. As our brand grows, we will maintain an intuitive, people-first approach to create solutions that anticipate your needs and fit seamlessly into your day-to-day.

Visit us at our location in Brooklyn or, if you’re out of state, shop our online catalog, where you’re bound to find products that allow you to live life the way you want and deserve.