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Testimonial from Cooper, the Golden Boy🐾

Testimonial from Cooper, the Golden Boy🐾

I'm Cooper, the Golden Retriever, my human constantly complains that I shed too much.

I would just like to point out that she sheds just as much, but the problem is, she is too lazy to vacuum every day.

This autumn she bought herself this little robot vacuum cleaner.

She calls it Mr. Robot, after some cartoon robot that I'm not familiar with. It took a couple of days for us to figure out how best to use Mr. Robot, but she has made quite a difference!

  Mr. Robot is quiet and efficient, and best of all, she doesn't scare me!

  I love rolling on the carpet after it has been freshly vacuumed, and my human loves that she doesn't have to vacuum herself everyday anymore. He goes over the carpet and linoleum, and the area rug in the living room just fine. We both watched for awhile as Mr. Robot got used to the area rug. If he goes at it head on, he will get stuck. But amazingly, the robot figured this out!

  Now he approaches the area rug at an angle every time and sails right along cleaning all the time!

Mom likes to show me how much of my hair there is every time she empties it. I'm too polite to point out that there is a good deal of her hair in there as well.

But now she's happy that she can be lazy and not vacuum, while still having clean floors. 5 paws in the air for our Mr. Robot! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Check the video below about how I help Mr. Robot clean the house:  (1)  press start  (2)  nap🙌🏻  (3) done.  Mr. Robot is my friend.




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