Coredy Dog Toothbrush, Finger Toothbrush for Dog and Cat's Teeth Cleaning and Dental Care, 4-Pack

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  • Dogs Love Dental Cleaning: Coredy Dog Toothbrush is a toothbrush with soft silicone bristles designed for dogs who don't like brushing their teeth. It has the function of protecting pet parents' fingers, so that pet parents don't have to worry about dog teeth cleaning.
  • Easy Dog Teeth Cleaning: Coredy finger toothbrush features an upgraded finger-shaped design with soft-fitting joints that can be bent at will, making it easy to clean and care for your dog's teeth.
  • Effective Teeth Cleaning: It is made of food-grade silicone, which the soft bristles of the Coredy dog toothbrush ensure comfortable brushing and reaching back teeth, providing effective teeth cleaning, providing effective teeth cleaning for your furry friend.
  • Caring for Pet Dental Health: Regular use of a dog toothbrush will keep your dog's teeth clean and prevent oral disease. Pet toothbrushes freshen kisses and bring pet parents and pets closer together.
  • Reusable & Individual 4-pack: Coredy pet toothbrushes can be used over and over again and are easy to clean and store. The dog toothbrush kit is a must-have dog cleaning supplies and dog accessories, contains 4 dog toothbrushes and 4 storage boxes for easy alternate cleaning and use.