Safety Maintenance: Stop the Robot Falling Down the Stairs

1, Keep Charge Base Far from the Stairs

If you’re a new user, read the manuals before operating it, set it up properly.

It's recommended to place the charge dock against the wall, and make sure to check that the charging base is set up far from the stairs & balcony to keep it from tumbling down.

2, Regular Maintenance for SENSORS

Most robotic vacuums have sensors located in the front and in the back, some of them have cliff sensors built underneath the robot. 

These sensors are the eyes that detect obstacles and the absence of surface. 

It's important to check the sensors regularly, wipe any debris that has accumulated on the sensors. Do not spray cleaning solution directly into the sensor entrance.

But what if your robot doesn't equip with cliff sensors

3, Use the Boundary Strips

Base on infrared technology, virtual boundary strips send out a kind of “beam”. This is an infrared beam that you and I can’t actually see, but the robot vacuum can.

When the robot vacuum detects this beam, it changes directions and moves back. 

With a virtual wall barrier or boundary strip, cliff sensors aren’t needed. Instead, you place the physical device around the space that you want cleaned, and then the robot vacuum will work within the specific area.


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