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The robots manufacturer, Coredy, owns R650 which a cheap vacuum robot for less than 200-Euro. The vacuum cleaner robot convinces with a solid basic equipment and the most important features, which a robotic vacuum cleaner should bring along. However, the Coredy R650 does not want to keep up with high-priced products - so the entry-level model also lacks an appropriate laser navigation system. Nevertheless, we have taken a closer look at the R650 robotic vacuum cleaner from Coredy and clarify whether the predominantly positive Amazon ratings are justified.

Coredy specializes in vacuum robots - but the production of the products takes place in China. The manufacturer has a support center in the United States and United Kingdom. There is also a telephone customer service, which can be reached with the phone numbers on the user manual. The manufacturer also has its own online shop and sells vacuum robots and spare parts through online mail order companies such as Amazon. Warehouses in Europe also ensure easy and fast shipping. On Amazon, the Coredy R650 performs well, which is why the vacuum robot also receives the rating "Amazon's Choice".

Amazon's Choice is a buy recommendation from Amazon to customers on AmazonHere Amazon would like to recommend "top rated, immediately available products at a great price". We can confirm that: In our case too, the Coredy R650 was delivered extremely fast. A low return rate is also expected to give Amazon's Choice a better chance. As a result, Amazon's Choice award-winning products typically have a high level of customer satisfaction.

Scope of delivery of the Coredy R650

Coredy R650 included
The scope of delivery of the Coredy R650 includes all kinds of accessories and spare parts.

The scope of delivery of the Coredy R650 includes suction robot, charging station, power supply, four side brushes (2x replacement), cleaning brush, HEPA filter (1x replacement), remote control, two AAA batteries, dust container, cleaning brush, main brush and two boundary strips / magnetic strip to trim each two meters in length. In the official Coredy online shop, the manufacturer offers all sorts of spare parts and accessories to buy. Here you can buy many items from the charging station and power supply to the washable HEPA filter or remote control. In addition, the manufacturer offers a twelve-month warranty and telephone customer service.

Features Coredy R650

Coredy R650

  • automatischer Reinigungsvorgang
  • Reinigung nach Zufalls- bzw. Chaos-Prinzip
  • mit Hindernis- und Absturzsensoren
  • mit einer Hauptbürste und zwei Seitenbürsten
  • Saugkraft von maximal 1.600 Pa
  • mit Fernbedienung steuerbar
  • fünf Reinigungsmodi
  • deutsche Bedienungsanleitung
  • Staubbehälter mit 550 Millilitern Volumen
  • Reinigungszeit von etwa 120 Minuten
  • zeitgesteuerter Reinigungsplan (Stunden und Minuten)

R650 Robot Vacuum Cleaner



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Ideal vacuum robot as a gift

If you want to give away a vacuum cleaner, the Coredy R650 is just the place. It is noteworthy that the vacuum robot is clearly designed for the German market and vacuum robot beginners.

Coredy R650 review
Even the packaging of the Coredy R650 reveals that the vacuum robot is specially designed for the German market.

This is especially clear from the detailed, German-language instruction manual and the German-language packaging. The instruction manual of the Coredy R650 explains in understandable language the most important functions of the vacuum robot and gives detailed instructions for recharging the battery, the functions of the remote control or the programming of the vacuum robot. In addition, not only error codes and corresponding explanations, but also contact data for customer service (by phone or by email) are printed on the underside of the vacuum robot. Due to the German-language imprint on the packaging, the consistently understandable operating instructions as well as the overall successful user-friendliness is the vacuum robots as a gift for both inexperienced robot owners and for older users who are not very fond of technology and in case of need rely on a quick troubleshooting.

Coredy R650: Simple and solid

The robotic vacuum cleaner itself is of a high quality and does not have to hide from well-known brand manufacturers. That the vacuum robot is produced in China, you notice the vacuum robot both optically and haptically. Like most of the latest robotic vacuum cleaner models, the Coredy R650 has a high gloss finish. The top of the vacuum robot is not made of plastic, but made of hard glass and therefore relatively scratch resistant.

Coredy R650 at the charging station
Practical: The charging station of the Coredy R650 offers a storage option for the remote control. This is then always at hand and can not be lost.

The surface looks noble and chic, but attracts fingerprints and dust magically. Here a matte case surface would be desirable. On top of the Coredy R650 there is only one button - the on / off switch of the vacuum robot. The button also acts as a display light for the current status of the vacuum robot. During suction and when the battery is fully charged, the LED indicator lights up in blue. In self-timer and standby modes, the display changes to orange. When the battery is low or when charging, the indicator will flash orange. When the light is off, the robotic vacuum cleaner is in Sleep mode or Sleep mode. A red glowing indicator indicates an error. Corresponding error codes(visual and acoustic) are explained both in the manual and as already described on the bottom of the vacuum robot. To start the cleaning you only need to hold down the power button. The overall height of the Coredy R650 is comparatively flat 72 millimeters, so that the vacuum robot can perform the cleaning process even under most furniture.


  • very solid and easy
  • good value for money
  • two side brushes
  • understandable user manual
  • high user friendliness
  • big dust container
  • washable fine dust filter
  • with remote
  • adequate suction for hard floors
  • extensive delivery including magnetic strip
  • Battery replaceable in case of defect


  • Dust container without damper - Dirt can fall out when emptying
  • scheduled cleaning only after hours and minutes - no weekday-dependent cleaning possible
  • no app control and no laser navigation - therefore very "simple" suction robot
Coredy R650 with two side brushes
Two side brushes sweep dust, dirt and hair under the suction robot. Here is a combi brush with soft bristles and rubber blades.

The vacuum robot itself gives a solid and simple impression. Therefore, the design of the Coredy R650 hardly differs from other entry- level vacuum robots such as the Eufy RoboVac 30C. The dust container with a capacity of 0.55 liters is inserted laterally on the back of the vacuum robot. The removal and insertion of the collection container is simple and practical. On the bottom of the Coredy R650 are crash sensors, charging contacts, universal wheel and sprung drive wheels, the battery bay, a power switch and the suction with already pre-assembled main brush. On the bottom are also the fasteners for the rotating side brushes. The Coredy R650 in contrast to many other vacuum robots, it has two instead of one side brush. In addition, it is also practical that the 2,600 mAh battery of the Coredy R650 can be replaced by the end user. All you have to do is open the battery compartment with the help of a screwdriver. Replacement batteries are offered by Coredy in the in-house online shop.

Dust container with 550 milliliters capacity

Coredy R650 dust container
The dust container offers a large capacity of up to 550 milliliters. Somewhat impractical is the opening of the suction solved - here a simple damper would be desirable so that dust and dirt when removing or emptying the dust containers does not fall out.

The dust container of the Coredy R650 is used on the side and has a capacity of 550 milliliters. The dust container is - comparable to a book or lunch box - divided into two halves and is opened and closed accordingly. The emptying of the collection container is thus easy and comfortable thanks to the 180 degree opening. We can only complain that was dispensed with the suction of the dust container on a damper. Therefore, it is likely that dirt and dust will fall out on the bottom of the collection box. You must therefore always make sure to keep the dust container when emptying down and open at the same time. A simple plastic flap - as is the case with top models such as theCecotec Conga 4090 or Ecovac's Deebot Ozmo 950 is handled - would help here. The HEPA filter of the Coredy R650 is located on the top of the dust container and can be easily replaced. Another replacement filter is included.


Charging station with cable storage

Coredy R650 charging station
The charging station has a storage space for excess cable. This is convenient and not necessarily self-evident with entry-level models.

Of course, the delivery of the Coredy R650 also includes a charging station, The lower part of the charging station is made of matt plastic, the upper part of high-gloss plastic. On the top there is an LED, which indicates the charge status of the vacuum robot. The charging station is functional and simply designed. The practical thing is that the supplied remote control can be positioned in a storage tray on top of the charging station. So the remote control is always at hand and does not necessarily have to be stored elsewhere. In addition, the charging station comes with a rubberized bottom and a cable duct therefore. The cable of the power supply can therefore be wound up individually and stored in the charging station. The loading time of the Coredy R650 is about five to six hours.

Remote control with many functions

Coredy R650 remote control
All functions of the Coredy R650 can be triggered by means of an infrared remote control.

The suction robot also comes with a remote control next to the charging station. The remote control has a small, colorless LCD display and various buttons for setting and triggering the respective functions. The "Auto" switch is used for automatic cleaning. The display of the remote control shows suction mode or time. With the "automatic recharge button" you can send the vacuum robot back to the charging station. In addition, the remote control has corresponding direction buttons for the manual control, a start and pause button , a button for setting the time, a button for the cleaning plan, a button for spot cleaning and edge cleaning on. With the two bottom buttons you can also start the individual room cleaning or change the suction power. Since the Coredy R650 dispenses with an app control, the vacuum robot control via infrared remote control is a cheap and practicable alternative.

Preparation, commissioning and cleaning process

Coredy R650 brush
The main brush of the Coredy R650 is designed as a combination brush and offers through bristles and plastic slats the ideal compromise between a carpet cleaning and a hard floor cleaning.

Prior to commissioning the Coredy R650, as with any other robotic vacuum cleaner, care should be taken to remove loose objects such as toys, clothing, cables and cords and to prepare low-hanging blinds or curtains. If there are areas that should be excluded from cleaning, they must be marked with the provided bordering tape or demarcation strip. The magnetic tape then acts as a limit that should not be overrun by the vacuum robot. The magnetic tape can be cut with a pair of scissors according to the individual needs and fastened with the help of the double-sided 3M adhesive tape (also included), for example, on hard floors such as laminate or PVC. It is of course important to ensure that the adhesion of the magnetic tape leaves no damage to the flooring.

Coredy R650 collection container
The dust container is removed and inserted laterally.

The actual commissioning itself is simple and user-friendly. First, the charging station is connected to the power supply and a power outlet. If necessary, excess cable can be folded up and stowed in the charging station so that the vacuum robot does not get caught in the cable. The charging station must be set up on a hard surface that is as level as possible and accurate to the wall. Care must be taken that at least two meters away from the charging station and at least one meter away from obstacles and walls at the sides of the charging station. Subsequently, only the side brushes are plugged onto the corresponding plug-in fasteners of the vacuum robot and the power connection on the bottom of the vacuum robot turned on. Now only the vacuum robot has to be inserted into the charging station. As soon as the power button on the top lights up, the vacuum robot is already ready for use and ready to start.

Coredy R650 power switch
The suction robot can be completely switched on and off by means of the mains switch on the underside.

To start the vacuum robot you can either press the power button directly on the device or the "Auto" button on the remote control. Then the vacuum robot starts the automatic cleaning process. To stop the cleaning process, you can either press the power button again or press the pause button on the remote control. If you press the power button longer, the vacuum robot is put into standby mode. If the battery charge level tends towards the end during cleaning, the vacuum robot automatically returns to the charging station before completion of the cleaning process. For this purpose, the vacuum robot communicates with the infrared receiver in the charging station with the aid of integrated infrared sensors. It is therefore important to understand that the vacuum robot can only find its way back to the charging station directly on direct visual contact. The charging station is therefore targeted only when the charging station has been found by the infrared sensors. Therefore, there should be no objects in front of or next to the charging station. Alternatively, you can also use the vacuum robot manually in the charging station. The maximum edge height is specified by the manufacturer with 15 millimeters-here, other vacuum robots with up to two millimeters edge management theoretically offer a little more freedom. Nevertheless, smaller hurdles pose no problem for the vacuum robot.

Coredy R650 HEPA filter
The HEPA filter of the Coredy R650 is washable and easy to remove.

The main cleaning mode of the Coredy R650 is based on the random principle. A systematic cleaning is not on board, so that the cleaning cycle usually takes a little longer. Despite the random navigation and cleaning according to the chaos principle. During the cleaning process, almost all accessible surfaces are taken into account. It is noticeable that the Coredy R650 is comparatively quiet. Only when you set the maximum suction power of 1,600 Pa by means of the "MAX" button on the remote control, the suction noise increases noticeably. Nevertheless, the suction noise of the Coredy R650 is comparatively pleasant and not really annoying. In normal suction mode, the Coredy R650 achieves an absorbency of 600 Pa, which provides good suction on hard floors. Then the maximum cleaning time is approximately at the manufacturer's specified 120 minutes. If you use the Coredy R650 on carpets, the maximum suction power of 1,600 Pa is recommended. Then, however, reduces the cleaning time to about 80 minutes. Overall, the suction of the Coredy R650 is satisfactory in view of the low purchase price. Obstacles are detected reliably with the help of the infrared sensor or the movable bumper. Most obstacles are detected before the impact contact and bypassed accordingly. A little disturbing, we only feel that the vacuum robot makes a loud beep every time it starts or when the cleaning modes are selected. Unfortunately, you can neither issue the acoustic acknowledgment nor make it quieter. On the other hand, the acoustic warning signal helps with error messages - for example, if the vacuum robot has stuck or if there is another technical problem. Most obstacles are detected before the impact contact and bypassed accordingly. A little disturbing, we only feel that the vacuum robot makes a loud beep every time it starts or when the cleaning modes are selected. Unfortunately, you can neither issue the acoustic acknowledgment nor make it quieter.

Cleaning modes: auto, spot, edge, single or manual cleaning

The Coredy R650 comes with a total of five different cleaning modes. In the already mentioned "Auto" mode, the areas are cleaned at random. Here, the cleaning process is carried out until all areas and rooms are cleaned. Alternatively, there is a "Spot" mode available. The spot mode is suitable for intensive cleaning of a specific area. The vacuum robot moves the corresponding desired point in the form of a spiral. At Spot cleaning, the suction force is automatically raised to a maximum of 1,600 Pa to ensure the best possible cleaning. In order to use the spot mode, you have to position the vacuum robot at the desired position and then press the "Sport" button on the remote control. In addition to spot cleaning, the Coredy R650 also offers an "edge" mode . In Edge Clean mode, cleaning is done along walls or furniture feet. Again, the remote control has a corresponding activation button.

Alternatively, there is still a "single" mode available. This mode is suitable for cleaning a single room. It should be ensured that all doors and entrances to the room are locked. In single mode, the cleaning process is stopped after 30 minutes and the vacuum robot automatically returns to the charging station. Also for the single room cleaning, there is a corresponding button on the remote control of the Coredy R650. Finally, the manual cleaning mode should be mentioned. In manual mode, the vacuum robot can be manually maneuvered using the arrow or direction buttons on the remote control - similar to a remote-controlled RC car. The vacuum robot can be controlled forwards, backwards, to the left and to the right. The manual maneuvering of the vacuum robot succeeds astonishingly well, precisely and without noticeable delay.

Schedules and scheduled cleaning procedures

The Coredy R650 also has the ability to schedule cleaning operations. Timed cleaning, however, can only be activated using the remote control. For the scheduled control you first have to set the time in the remote control and then create a schedule. However, the Coredy R650 offers only a cleaning schedule according to time or minute and hour ranges. Individual cleaning operations by weekdays, for example, are not possible. For the scheduled cleaning you just have to press the button with the bell symbol and then activate the desired cleaning time.

Conclusion and rating

Coredy R650 unboxing
The Coredy R650 is a solid vacuum robot.

The Coredy R650 is designed for ease of use and simplicity. Both the vacuum robot itself and the functions are self-explanatory and largely solid. For a superficial cleaning, the US vacuum cleaner offers in any case. Praiseworthy is that both manual and hints on the vacuum robot are designed in good German. Therefore, the vacuum robot offers - especially considering the low price of under 200-Euro-above all as a gift. Older gentlemen will become familiar with the entry-level robot find your way around well because the sources of error are clear. We can only complain about the somewhat clumsy design of the dust container or the rather loud beep when activating or selecting functions. It would also be desirable if you could schedule the scheduled cleaning process not only by time, but also by weekdays. In addition, the loading time could be improved. On the whole, the Coredy R650 is a good and solid entry-level model with many strengths and a few weaknesses. Ultimately, it remains to say that the positive Amazon ratings of the Coredy R650 are quite justified.

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