Vaccum & Mop in 1 Robot: Exceed my Expectation

This vacuum robot has exceeded my expectation.

As you might know that we Asian take shoes off before we enter the house, kids like to be barefoot and sit on the floor, we have to mop the house everyday, and it is a very tiresome work to do year round. This was how I do it, and I am very happy to report that it has done a much better job than I do with my vacuum and mop.

1. I clean out the stuff on the floor to minimize the potential obstacles of it. I think this is a reasonable preparation for a robot, and ita takes some time for me to do so, but once I secured wires and move away the moving objects, i realize next time it is gonna be much easier.

2. I close some doors to create a smaller space for the machine to work in MAX mode. the machine walks randomly so I figured it will easy my mind if I break the task into smaller workload for it, and it woks vert well. in specific area I use edge mode and small space mode to get better result. I think I will only do so once a week not every time.

3. I clean the dust container, detangle the hairs from the brushes after every use, and it only takes me a min to do this.

4. I mop the entire house with its mop function! first I add a tsp natural (ph 7) clearner in the water tank, when the water ran out, i use water only to mop the same area again. Honestly this is my favoite process, i have tons of patience for it to do the work while I sipped my tea.

5. The machine will avoid staires which is really great, i tried and can't make it fall down the staires :)

My feedback is:

1. Be realistic, it is a machine not a person. the experience would definitely be better after several uses with proper preparation of the space. It doesn't work well without supervision, but still it is doing your work and you can watch it wihle watching TV or having breakfest.

2. It is quiet, and very slim so it can fit under most of my furnitures, i am very happy about this.

3. Don't expect it can do as much as you can do in the same amount of time. You are a smart person and it is a machine that doesn't complain, I did my math and decide to let it do my cleaning while I enjoy my Amazon Prime Video after work.

4. It need to charge 5-6 hours to work 1-2 hours, so make the plan before hand.

5. The schedule thing didn't kick in no matter how we tried to schedule it. It beeps as the manual explained, I might try to call their customer service to sort that out later.

I bought this machine on lightning deal, if it is on sale again, I will buy one more to work on a different floor at the same time. I don't know how long the battery will last, 6 month or one year and i couldn't find the manufacturing date on the box to know if the battery is fresh or out of factory for years, I will update my feedback if any problem present.

Update: after two weeks and a satisfying customer support experience, I bought my 2nd one, very happy about this product.

Thank you, Cordey!

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