Hello, I am Celia, the founder of Coredy. Through the years, Coredy has been dedicating into R&D, never changed the idea from the very first beginning to impress the customers with our own product. 2020, was tough and grinding, but there are silver linings behind the dark clouds. Therefore, I want to have an official conversation for what we have succeeded in and insisted on, with everybody that we have not extended greetings to in a public occasion, and everybody who would like to take a few minutes to listen to what we are and who I am.

      1.The whole thing is started by a reason of being tired as a loner from ordinary little things.
Before 2011, I was a corporate slave. Still am I now, but way less intensive than ever. What differentiates from ever is I work for me, in the true sense. Prior to that, I had been commuting between my home and company in which I was a manager for business development and swamped at what was tasked to do, and though I felt fatigue off duty, still got to take care of home made up of me and my pet, such a draining and repetitive life for a couple of years: a woman, lonely, a cat, hairy, apartment, rented. Where is my footing that I can own from nobody to somebody, for even society? I cannot help thinking of what is the meaning of life. To help others like me get out of some messy in real life would be a point? As a cat person, I got a Ragdoll as a good companion. However, in addition to clean my hairs, I have to look after its, don’t mention that there are dust and dirt in daily I need to cope with. I do not need a housekeeping to help me with that, but my limit energy has to be decentralized for these domestic trifles. I was wondering what can save me from that.
Luckily, the turning point I had been longing for, to make a change for life, arrived.I was invited to have a dinner in my MD’s house in 2011. As walking into the door, I just encountered my destiny. You probably guessed it, yes, Robot vacuum cleaner, that I am going to devote myself in for the rest of life. How do I describe the moment struck by it? A deal of unformed ideas crackled through my mind with the emergence of this robot vacuum lightning. A kind of hunch that cannot explain why is so illustrative. I was immediately full of executive capability like being possessed by the king of the world, Leonardo DiCaprio climbing up on the stern rail of Titanic. My resolution was ready to come out with three “Rs” (Resign, Restart, Recruit). 
      2.The height of the building depends on the depth of the foundation.
The first few years was slow but vital for Coredy. I was a ship that sailed without a compass and got lost at sea. Fortunately, having participated in dozens of robot vacuum exhibitions and fairs, where I found out my partners with mutual consent and values. Meanwhile, I had been visiting the suppliers in regular, for seeking good qualification and trustworthy quality, accompanied with my fellows. In the meantime, I had to do some side hustle via e-commerce, to invest with the sustaining funds budgeted for robot vacuum career. Inwardly, frustration, was the emotion that never failed saying hi to me at a stagnation, but every little progress with glimmer encouraged me to draw the first piece of Coredy work. If you were prepared to dedicate, any situation would turn the corner; When testing the robot vacuum, it always got to turn the corners, ended up with well-done clean or with less anticipating. From nothing to something, it won’t take too long, because the zeal of life can contribute to what you will be striving. In this era, it is easy to be overwhelmed by various anxieties and weariness for most aged from 22 to 40 years old that is defined by me as another round of fighting 18 years. A craftsman spirit is more of indispensable, especially as a person not coming with a technical background, I think one of the essential things that I have had is a patience integrated with positive disposition, that upholds me to be an entrepreneur and upholds the first generation (R300) to be born in this world.
     3. In coping with the unprecedented shock, we don't have ready experience to draw from; We will have to blaze a trail with hard efforts.
The time arrived in 2019 and 2020, an epoch-making significance for Coredy, spanned across two years to narrative. As being favored in exhibitions overseas while trending on Amazon in multiple times, respectively in home page and segmentation category, Coredy’s sales volume in total through 2019 far exceeded what we did last year. However, the globally unexpected covid-19, in the first beginning of 2020, caught us off guard. There had no choice but to work from home, during that period, I also found I was pregnant surprisingly. For all this, on the Prime day, the shipments in total were soared by 100 times, compared with that of the same time of last year; Besides, at the end of 2020, the sales transcript relieved us, that was evident of the UK market as a representative whose turnover went doubled. Coredy, is set up with an adequately well-trained after-sales service team made up of customer specialists and quality specialists, most of whom have grown together with Coredy from those initial years, besides, I insist interviewing every one of my employees in person, to build ties with them at the very first beginning.
Thanks to the whole team, though working from home, we haven’t  lost  Coredy  golden commitment (keep within two weeks, from consulting to maintenance then send back ). The team, whose methodical professionalism and compelling solidarity really impressed and inspired me to hang in there to juggle work and motherly commitment suffering from pregnancy. Considering there had no official site maintenance offline that might result in less convenience under such a circumstance, we just launched our first site in NYC.
      Interlude: Logo      
“3C”(Community, Change and Cordiality) are the three fundamental elements that we has been craving to deliver, cordiality is the core driving every Coredy person who will be unafraid to make a change for smarter life keeping with the times; Which is highlighted with ‘Coredy Violet Blue’ believed to remove perceived spiritual obstacles, calm confrontations, soar across imaginative sky and re-energize boundless creativity. With such a original determination, Coredy community can thrive with more and more friends, learning and growing together.
Nowadays, a woman, married; three cats, not worried; apartment, possessed; This happiness that boils down to coming a long way with Coredy, from zero to my own shero, I want to share with you.