Coredy Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box with HD Camera

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<Automatic Scoop>: this smart self-cleaning cat litter box automatically sifts and separates your cat's waste and clumps litter after your cat does their business and exits the litter box, lets your cat has clean, fresh litter every day, and frees up you from daily scooping.
<Safety-First for Cats>: you care for your cats, and we care about your thoughts. Our smart cat litter box has enhanced safety protection and anti-pinch technology. High precision infrared sensors form a virtual fence, automatic stop cleaning cycle once it detects your cat close to the door, combo with built-in camera to avoid a pinch, weight sensor distinguishes multi-cats, which provides integrated utmost safety protection for your cat.
<Roomy Cat Toilet>: the world’s largest 87L extra large and spacious interior with a wide opening to let your cat in and out easily, providing enough space to fully turn around, dig and cover their waste without any constraint to maximize comfort, ideal for households with multiple cats of any breed or size.
<1080P HD Camera>: meet the first smart cat litter box with a built-in camera, which records and saves your cat's weight and litterbox habits in real-time, and allows you to monitor your cat anytime with 1080p full HD live streaming video, so that you can track your cat's health, timely find changes and provide helpful information to your vet when needed.
<Monitor & Control via App>: use the app to control, monitor, and track your cat’s bathroom behavior, get real-time insight reports of each kitty’s weight, toilet frequency, and time of day to help you fully understand their well-being; the Intuitive report lets you know when the waste bin is full.
<Clean & Odorless Home>: this smart cat litter box combines an automatic self cleaning cycle and a smart odor control system to help reduce the unpleasant odor from cat litter. A proactive step footboard helps keep litter in the litter box where it belongs and won't be scatter

Understand Your Cat’s Health

Get real-time insight reports of your each cat’s weight, toilet frequency, and time of day via the app to help you be fully conversant about their well-being.

Picture & Video Recording

View live cat's activity or playback the saved video in the app to track your cat's health condition. The videos can be auto saved on the included memory card.

Multi-Cat Management, Multi-Share

Invite and add your family member to manage and attend to your cat’s daily activity together.