Coredy introduces R750 Pro robot vacuum cleaner, delivering industry-first TIAN cleaning route innovation and patented built-in fragrance socket technology

Coredy, started off as a brand manufacturer specializing in R&D, and an advocate elevating users experience on robot Vacuum, in the past three years, we gathered tens of thousands of complaints and critical reviews from robot vacuum cleaners currently in the market, after a series of analysis, research, program exploration, structure design optimization and upgrade, Coredy R750 Pro robot vacuum cleaner was born.

"It's important to listen to the needs of customers" said Celia, the general manager of Coredy, “therefore, launching of Coredy R750 Pro robot vacuum cleaner addresses the main problems in the current market, it vacuums with 750ml large dustbin, auto avoids carpet when mopping, truly completely cleaning coverage, and spray delicate fragrance in air when vacuuming.”


Short life

In the existing marketplace, most of robot vacuum cleaners’ life cycle is very short because water and dust gets in the machine, resulting in high maintenance cost, Coredy R750 Pro has optimum structure with sealed design to solve this problem, this optimization covers driving wheels, gear and motherboard.

Network connection error frequently occurring on WiFi-enabled robot vacuums

Whether in the low-end, mid-end or high-end market, WiFi-enabled robot vacuum cleaners frequently have network connection errors, most of them do not have remote control, only an application to control the device, although remote control gives ease of access to the consumers. Coredy R750 Pro offers both, giving customers two options to interact with their new robot either by a smartphone or the remote controller that is included in the package. In addition, a Reset button has been added as an additional feature to solve setup problems occurring in the mainstream robots nowadays.

Over-complicated troubleshooting alarms

“3 beeps, flashing red light”
“4 beeps, solid yellow light”

Most error alarms are hard for customers to understand, Coredy R750 Pro uses friendly voice reminder to tell the issue, by which customer can get prompt and clear alert to solve it.

Hard to get out when get stuck or trapped

Most of robot vacuum cleaners can easily get stuck under furniture or items with low space under them, Coredy R750 Pro promptly and effectively gets out from under anything due to increased wheel diameter and optimized algorithm.

Dark color or black carpets cannot be recognized

Robot vacuum cleaners in the current marketplace are only equipped with 2-light cliff-sensor modules, which results in dark color carpets and dim environment not being recognized, this matter also occurs in Laser navigation robot vacuum cleaners, it misinterprets dark surfaces/dim lit areas for a cliff causing robot to stop or back away.

Coredy R750 Pro is upgraded with 3-light cliff-sensor modules, allows it easily cleans on dark color carpets and dim environment.

Missing areas during cleaning cycle

Limited to algorithmic, whether robot vacuum cleaner cleans in zig-zag pattern route (upmarket, laser navigation robots) or random pattern route (middle and low-end market), the robots often cannot clean thoroughly, some areas always get missed, or machine keeps repeating the cleaning cycle over same areas again and again.

With the industry-first, Coredy optimized the algorithm using TIAN cleaning pattern route instead of traditional zig-zag pattern route, and Coredy has applied for patent for this.

Low dustbin capacity, requires numerous empties from a single cleaning cycle, especially for home with pet, irritating the consumer

In the current market, almost all dustbins’ capacity is 500ml~600ml except Yeedi k650, with long-hair pet or multiple pets in the house, a low-capacity dustbin is not sufficient for daily cleaning, customers have to empty dustbin after every cleaning cycle, often have to constantly pause cleaning to empty dustbin during the cycle, Coredy R750 Pro brings with it a 750ml large capacity dustbin, effectively reduce the dustbin empty frequencies.

Dustbin capacity comparison chart among of Coredy R750 Pro, iRobot Roomba 675 & Yeedi K650

There is no better way to generate fresh ideas than listening carefully to the customer, voice of customer from iRobot, Roborock & Eufy:

Poorly/ designed charging station (charging contacts)

Charging contacts are designed at the bottom of most robot vacuum cleaners, which lead to following problems (iRobot, Roborock, Shark, Eufy, Ecovacs are facing these problems.):

1) Machine with mopping function will potentially short circuit in event of humidity. (Without proper removal of wet mop cloth or improper removal of water tank or not drying the robot after mopping cycle, robots are exposed in a humid environment.)

2) For machine with mopping function, it might fail to return to the dock to recharge because charging contacts may get rusty with time.

3) Placing the charging station on carpet results in the charging station shifting easily due to soft and uneven ground. Machine cannot connect with charging station successfully, which may lead to failure to recharge issue.

Coredy R750 pro with refined structure, the charging contacts are designed and placed at the rear rather than under the robot to reduce the impact and potential risk from the environment.

From optimum structure to optimize algorithm, we have introduced our upgrade technologies to solve the main problems in the market, combines with new-generation technology and our developed features adding even more to Coredy R750 Pro robot vacuum cleaner.

Can identify various types of floors, and short/long-pile carpets

Equipped with the latest ultrasonic sensor technology, Coredy R750 Pro can accurately identify the cleaning environment.

It auto increases suction power when carpet detected to clean different surfaces, more easily and efficiently.

The R750 Pro’s carpet detect system not only increases suction power when vacuums from floors to carpets, but also especially smart to auto avoid carpets/area rugs while mopping cleaning.

In addition, the ultrasonic sensor module can also identify hardwood floor, tile floor, marble floor, long-pile carpet, short-pile carpet, and floor mat, customers can personalize its cleaning for their unique home via the Application.

Built-in fragrance socket

With a patented built-in fragrance socket (air freshener) in the air outlet (Patented technology by Coredy), R750 Pro can release and spread fragrance during the cleaning cycle, effectively refreshing the air of musty smells and odor. Fragrance capsule can be sold separately as add-on accessory, customer can purchase their favorites scents at Coredy shop.

At present, only Ecovacs T9 supports built-in Air Freshener, however, T9’s built-in air freshener is designed at the bottom of the air inlet of the machine, which easily gets dust stuck inside, R750 Pro’s fragrance socket is designed in the air outlet with filter, which is fresh air.

Compatible with initiative mop water tank

Coredy R750 Pro package content includes a traditional water tank, the robot is also compatible with initiative mop water tanks, which as add-on accessory are available for customers to purchase, different mopping water tank for different needs.

Compatible with rotating mopping water tank, provides efficient rotation to easily deal with stubborn stains.

Comparison between Coredy R750 Pro and Bissell SpinWave which also supports rotating mopping.

Compatible with oscillating mopping water tank, this mopping function combines the optimum features of iRobot and Roborock, works with moderate reciprocating speed when pressure is applied to the mop, provide highest-efficient solution to deal with targeted stubborn stains.

View the cleaning history

After cleaning cycle is finished, customers can easily see a map of where their robot cleaned via the Application.

A USB port is added, which can identify and install future firmware upgrades

A USB upgrade interface is hidden inside the dust bin inlet, it reduces the hassle of calling after-sale service, problems caused by firmware can be directly reset and optimized through the USB port. Meanwhile, simplified future firmware upgrades, customers can update the firmware from time to time to experience the new features of Coredy robot vacuum.