Why I Feel Extremely Lucky Having This Robot



I wanna let you know how extremely thrilled our families are that we've purchased Coredy Robot couple months ago!

I've been looking for robot vacuums in the market and never settled which brand I'm gonna buy. Then I was shared a video from my friends, they are already using Coredy Robot, telling me it's great with fair price, so I made a purchase.

I schedule the Coredy Robot to run every morning at 2am thru our house. It does do a fantastic job at cleaning up and is very powerful.

WHAT REALLY IMPRESS me is: about a month after receiving our Coredy, one morning, I came out to make the coffee and get kids ready for school. Coredy was not back at the charging dock like it used to be. I figured it got stuck in someone's room or something. I pressed the remote to make robot rang, turned out that Coredy was under the dining room table. I felt strange and stood down and took a close look, only saw a Coral Snake!

We live in Florida, not an uncommon snake here BUT certainly uncommon to be inside the house.

Coredy Robot kept the snake ALL NIGHT LONG under that table and my husband and I were able to capture and remove the snake, without hurting our 2 small children or our dog.

I am so thankful for that little robot vacuum!! It literally saved our lives!

Thank you Coredy!


Maritza  Y.



R500+/ R550 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
$199.99 $229.99

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